Common Q&A

What is the most effective method for using essential oils?

While it really depends on each individual’s body type and what you are using the essential oils for, there is no hard-and-fast rule for the most effective method of using essential oils. However, as a general rule of thumb, we recommend the following:

  • Emotional distress/Mental fatigue/Stress/Respiratory complaints: Inhalation
  • Pain Management/Minor cuts and bruises/Beauty/Massage: Topical Application

What is a carrier oil?

It is a vegetable oil or a blend of vegetable oils used to dilute essential oils such as Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, etc. As the molecules of vegetable oils are much bigger than essential oils, they are used to slow down the absorption of essential oils into the body, while not affecting its efficacy. We usually use carrier oils to dilute essential oils when using “Hot Oils”, for children or those with sensitive skin or when applying on sensitive areas of the body or for a massage.

What's the difference between V-6 and other carrier oils?

V-6 consists of seven different types of vegetable oils. It consists of fractionated coconut oil – hence there’s no coconut smell that can be over-powering for some. V-6 is formulated by Young Living such that it is of the right texture, colourless and odourless with the high quality vegetable oils.

Which oils are considered 'Hot Oils'?
Cinnamon Bark, Clove, Lemongrass, Oregano, Thyme and blends containing these singles. Some blends that are considered “hot” are: Thieves and Exodus II.

What should I do if essential oils get into the eyes?
Apply carrier oil/vegetable oil/V-6 generously around eyes area. Never wash with water. The stinging sensation should subside within 30mins. Otherwise, please visit a doctor.

What should I do if I experience skin discomfort or sensitivity?

Stop applying essential oils to your skin temporarily till you recover. It is safest to apply on the bottoms of feet if you have sensitive skin. When you experience skin discomfort or see red spots coming out of your skin, chances are you are experiencing a detox reaction. Please drink plenty of water as essential oils are great at pulling toxins out of our skin. The toxins in our bodies could be accumulated over time through the use of personal or household products containing chemicals. It is recommended that you stop using products containing chemicals during this time as well to allow your body to detox and regenerate on its own. The next time you use the essential oils again, you may wish to dilute them with V-6 first if you have sensitive skin.

Can I ingest the essential oils?
Young Living has a vitality and plus range of essential oils that are meant for internal use as they are labelled as supplements. They have been certified as non-GMO too.

Are the essential oils labelled under vitality or plus range the same as the rest?
The essential oils all come from the same source, and Young Living has the most stringent standards of extracting essential oils to ensure they are of the highest possible therapeutic quality. However, to comply with the legal regulations and requirements in certain countries, they have come up with different labels. Those with the usual labels are meant for topical application and inhalation, while those with the vitality/plus labels are for ingestion.

Can pregnant women use essential oils?
Please refer to Safety and Precautions

Can I expose my skin to the sun after using essential oils?

There are some essential oils that may lead to photosensitivity. These oils come from the citrus family and blends containing them. Do not expose your skin to sun within 12-48 hours if you have applied them topically on those areas. You may wish to instead apply these oils on the bottoms of your feet, on areas where you are clothed, diffuse them or dilute them first before sun exposure.

I am on medication. Can I use essential oils when on medication?
We recommend that you seek advise from a qualified medical professional or a certified clinical aromatherapy practitioner prior to using essential oils.

Why should I use Young Living essential oils instead of other brands?
There’s hardly any brand that comes close to Young Living when it comes to her commitment to quality. You may read more about the brand and its Seed to Seal commitment here. I have personally visited a few of Young Living’s farms and participated in the distillation process. You are welcome to visit their farms to experience why Young Living is really at the top of its game too.

Why should I become a Young Living member when I can purchase the essential oils online?
Firstly, by becoming a member, you get to enjoy member rebates (under Essential Rewards program), free gifts and exclusive member promotions. Secondly, you wouldn’t know if the oils are being adulterated or mishandled or not stored properly when you purchase from a third-party, hence it’s best you get the oils shipped to you directly from Young Living itself.

Why should I join your team?
No matter which team you join, we welcome you to the Young Living big family! You have started your oiling journey of health and wellness no matter which team you join. Of course, we will be even happier if you join us as we are totally committed to supporting your journey of discovering which oils serve you and your family best. Also, more often than not, you are recommended to us through a friend who is already in our community, and who has experienced what we stand for and how well we support our members. We walk the talk, and we know what we are talking about. We have several certified clinical aromatherapy professionals and holistic coaches in our community who will be able to educate you adequately in your quest for better health and wellness. You may wish to check out our Team Support page and join one of our activities to get to know us better! Friendship with like-minded individuals is another plus point for joining us!

I have bought X oil from my friend that she finds useful but it doesn't seem to work as well for me.
We all have different body-makeup and what works for your friend may not necessarily work as well for you. As essential oils are natural herbal essences, we do need to experiment with a number of oils to find the one that suits us best. Even for myself, during different seasons, when I am facing respiratory challenges, RC that used to work for me in the last year, may not work as well now and Raven may suit me better now due to environmental and weather changes. So, persevere and try out different oils! There will always be something that works!

Why should I get Young Living's diffuser?
Young Living’s essential oils are really at its finest and most concentrated form. We do need to ensure we use diffusers that are resistant to corrosion from the oils. Also, we need to ensure that the diffuser is ultrasonic that disperses the molecules at its finest form so that they can enter our bodies easily giving us the best therapeutic effect. Last but not least, it comes with a one year warranty when you purchase it directly from Young Living!