Team Support

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced oiler, we understand the importance of supporting all members, so that you feel confident about using and sharing Young Living products. We invest our resources to build tools that you can rely on and trust, because we believe it is only by empowering our members, do we grow and thrive together through continued education and support.


Join us for our tea parties, talks, workshops and events to learn something new and meet like-minded friends! They are kids-friendly too!


Members’ Corner
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Members will be given access to our learning resources on both product education, personal development and entrepreneurship. You will also be able to download marketing materials to empower you to share more effectively with your friends. We understand the busy schedule of city dwellers and the different schedules of our global community. To better support our members no matter which time zone or location they are in, we have webinars that all can access to – both live and recorded. We have chat groups that members can join for interactive participation on a daily basis. Members are able to ask questions on usage of essential oils and benefit from learning from the sharing by those who are more experienced. Our Facebook page can be found by searching @PreciousOilers. There are useful tips shared by weekly posts. We recommend that you follow @FrancesFullerYL on Facebook too as Frances is the first lady who introduced Young Living to Asia ex Japan. We have several educational YouTube videos on how you may use the essential oils under various circumstances. You may access to the YouTube videos under Members’ Corner as they are exclusive for viewing by our members only.


We have worked tirelessly to create a comprehensive and concise guide book for our new members embarking on their oiling journey and existing members who are looking for more ways to use their oils. This book is exclusive to members only with three languages in one – English, Chinese and Indonesian. You may purchase it under shop under Members’ Corner. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Young Living Foundation to support the under-privileged.


We are part of a bigger community under International School of Applied Metaphysics Sciences that advocates environment protection and global holistic education. Members can choose to participate in certification programs on Applied Metaphysics, Clinical Aromatherapy and other holistic modalities. For those who require personalised recommendations and dedicated attention, the school provides individualized consultations for the body, mind and emotions by a team of certified holistic practitioners as well.

For more information, kindly refer to


How do I choose which oils are best for me? Zyto Compass provides answers!

  • Scientifically determines your deficiencies
  • Chooses which essential oils or supplements can assist the body in restoring optimum health
  • Uses bio-feedback technology via a hand cradle to determine your exact needs
  • Results in 5 minutes

Getting a ZYTO biocommunication scan is a simple and painless process. Simply place your hand on the ZYTO Hand Cradle while a scan is run. During the scan, subtle energetic impulses are introduced to your body. Your body will naturally respond to this communication and the ZYTO software records each response.


There are some awesome references out there that we love and have found to be reliable and definitely useful! This is an awesome repository with tonnes of amazing testimonials from members all over the world, who have used certain oils for specific causes and have found them to work so well that they are sharing what they used and how they used them at this website. Registration is free.

LifeScience Publishing: They published the Essential Oil Pocket/ Desk Reference guides. You may purchase essential oil accessories and bottles for DIYs here too.

Abundant Health: They publish the Reference Guide for Essential oils. It is also available as a phone app. You may purchase essential oil accessories and bottles for DIYs here too.